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CA PRC 3 – Principles of Economics

By M. Aamir

Take this course to clear all your concepts and double your chances to pass exams!



  • Comprehensive course coverage.
  • Concepts explanation through real life case examples.
  • Weekly study plan to manage study load.
  • Detailed preparatory notes and study material.
  • Engaging lectures recorded and updated on Learning Glass Board.
  • Legal cases solving techniques and assignments.
  • Past papers practice and paper presentation methods.
  • Full-length mock tests.


Muhammad Aamir

Muhammad Aamir is a Fellow Member of Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) with cumulative experience of 10+ years in the profession. He is an M.Phil in Economics & Finance; in addition, he is also Certified Internal Control Auditor. His diverse academic & professional background from economics, finance and audit gives him a unique & captivating teaching skill which in turn enhances students’ learning experience.

Previously, he has worked with KPMG (Audit & Advisory section) and was also associated with Mutual Fund sector of Atlas Group as Manager Finance. Currently Muhammad Aamir is associated with one of private sector university as an Assistant Professor in Management & Economics department. As a facilitator, his objective is to enable students to develop ability of critical thinking & logical reasoning so that intellectual broadening can be inculcated in them.

Course Curriculum

Nature & Scope of economics:-

  • Difference b/w Micro & Macro economics
  • Scarcity & choices
  • PPC

Demand & Supply

  • Law of demand & supply
  • Shift & Movement in demand & supply curves
  • Price determination

Elasticity of demand & supply:-

  • Estimation
  • Income & Cross elasticities

Consumer theory & utility maximization:-

  • Law of diminishing & equi marginal utility
  • Indifference curve analysis

Firm Theory:-

  • Laws of returns & costs
  • Firms’ products, costs, revenues & profits.
  • Types of markets
  • Firms ‘equilibrium

National Income:-

  • Concepts & calculations from different methods.
  • Circular flow of National Income
  • Equilibrium of N.I

Consumption, Savings & Investments:-

  • Consumption & Savings schedules
  • Factors & determinants
  • Types of investments
  • Factors of investments

Multiplier & Accelerator:-

  • Interaction b/w Multiplier & Accelerator
  • Business cycles


  • Money
  • Inflation & unemployment
  • Monetary & Fiscal policy
  • Balance of trade & payment.

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