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Online courses for the student of Association of Chartered Accountancy 


Online Courses for the student  of Chartered Accountancy of Pakistan

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The School of Business (TSB) Education is an interactive learning glass technology platform that offers online lectures for CA, ACCA, and ICMA for both national and international students. With the mission to make quality education accessible and affordable to students across the globe, our highly dedicated and passionate team uses state-of-the-art technology to make your learning experience is interactive and valuable.

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Prepare for success in accountancy with TSB Education's online courses. Access comprehensive study materials, interactive lessons, and expert guidance from anywhere, anytime. Join a supportive community of learners and unlock your full potential. Start your journey with TSB Education today.

Key Features

Recorded Lectures

Access pre-recorded lectures anywhere, anytime.

Learning Glass Technology

Increased engagement similar to face-to-face lectures.

Bilingual (Urdu & English)

Quality education without any language barrier.

Live Webinars

Discussions with the instructors on ideal exam approach.

Detailed Notes & Question Booklet

Quality study material delivered at your doorstep.

Mock Exams

Simulated experience of real exams.