• A- The context and purpose of financial reporting
  • B- The qualitative characteristics of financial information
  • C- The use of double-entry and accounting systems


  • D- Recording transactions and events
  • E– Preparing a trial balance
  • F- Preparing basic financial statements


  • G- Preparing simple consolidated financial statements
  • H- Interpretation of financial statements



    Nasir Vohra

    Mr. Nasir Vohra is currently a faculty member of an “RAET of ICAP” and “PLATINUM STATUS of ACCA” & “ICMAP” with more than 15 years of experience. He has been in teaching various Professional Accountancy & Academic Qualifications like CA, ACCA & CMA MBA & BBA. He spent his 15 years as a full time teacher and teaching the following subjects in different qualifications: Quantitative Techniques, Business Math & Statistics, Introduction to Accounting, Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Cost & Management accounting.

    He has worked on various task including delivering lectures, mentoring students, conducting career counseling session, imparting training on newly inducted tutors, preparing MCQ Bank, writing technical articles on the complex areas where students / peers faced difficulties.

    At TSB, Nasir Vohra brings his broad experience in myriad subjects to teach his students Financial Accounting and cost accounting.

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