Why should students go online to clear ACCA Exams?

Dec 26, 2019 by Mohsin Raza

Why should students go online to clear ACCA Exams?

In recent years, the change in technology has given rise to many online educational platforms to help promote ease of learning for students. ACCA’s one of the initiatives towards the introduction of the remote learning platform is “ACCA Prepare to Pass Webinars” arranged by ACCA Pakistan was to help provide final revision classes for students all over the globe.

The online platform provides quite a unique learning experience for students who are unable to attend classes on a regular basis and ideal for part-time working students. The following pointers provide reasoning for online learning:


Flexibility in studying:

It provides students the opportunity to set a schedule according to their comfort. Many of these students are unable to cope with the regular class attendance or lectures and fail to cover their exam syllabus learning on time, therefore, this platform allows them to study at any time and at their own pace without being overburden or restricted.

Accessibility from anywhere:

The availability of video lectures online helps students to access them on their smart devices anywhere and listen to them as many times as they want in order to clarify the topics. Further, students from all over the world who are unable to receive a quality education can easily learn from the best teachers from their location.

Multiple resources available for better understanding:

These platforms provide online lectures, pre-prepared notes, live webinar sessions, past papers practice material and conduct mock exams. Moreover, downloadable notes, past paper questions, and mock exams can be used without an internet connection as well.

Listening lectures on-demand:

As online lectures are recorded and are available in video format, students have the opportunity to listen to lectures in repetition. They can be paused, stopped or rewind anytime and as many times as they want. Further, if any lectures are missed or students are unable to recall previous topics they can easily watch previous lectures to resolve their problems. This however, is not available in the classroom as teachers cannot repeat the exact words again if a student missed a class.

Connection with other ACCA students:

The online platforms usually have diversified classrooms as they are joined by students around the world so they can interact with each other and resolve their queries using discussion forums. Further, teachers are also connected through the Whatsapp group providing extra support other than the resources available online.

Reduced course completion time:

The online platform saves time as students are not required to travel long distances to attend physical classes and do not have to wait to attend the next lecture. Students can watch the video lectures back to back and complete their exam preparation before time and allowing them more time to do past paper practice.

Lower Cost:

Institutes charge very high fees which are difficult for students to bear however online platforms charge lower fees which are affordable to all as they do not incur heavy costs such as building rent, maintenance costs, classroom furniture and etc.

Students must consider these Facts

Online lectures usually are standard for everyone and are followed like instruction however when studying in classrooms some students use a different technique to learn from the available resources. These methods are shared among students to help-out weaker students and improve their learning techniques. Further with group study, they can make it easier to understand concepts and prepare better for examination.

Online studying requires great discipline and time management skills to maintain a balance between study time and leisure time which students lack.

Recorded lectures in a studio may become outdated to new changes in exam patterns as they are usually used by students for more than one attempt. However, live-recorded lectures from classrooms change from time to time and teaching methodology varies depending on the audience.

As students study at home they do not have physical interaction with other students and may feel isolated. Interacting with other students helps to boost your interest towards pursuing particular subjects when selecting professional papers and create a competitive environment helping you to keep motivated and work harder. Good friends can also be of significant help in building your future career in the professional world.

Benefits for students in Pakistan

ACCA students in countries around the world usually opt for online platforms as quality teachers are unavailable to them like in Pakistan and since the introduction of “Prepare to Pass Webinars” by ACCA Pakistan many of the locally renowned teachers are being recognized worldwide because of their teaching style and their exam techniques.

This is a great opportunity for students in Pakistan that many of these teachers have created their own platforms at very low costs allowing them to learn from home. The major benefit is that it eliminates the travelling costs and requirements to reach for classes on time. It also helps them avoid clashes of multiple subject classes as many students here select their paper based on teachers of their choice and usually the teachers chosen are available in the separate institutes.


The above discussion concludes that online platforms offer more benefits as compared to learning through traditional classroom lectures however one should go for the option which is more suitable and would allow them to pass their ACCA exams in the first attempt.

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