Why CA students are failed to successfully complete their CA?

Mar 11, 2019 by Mohsin Raza

Reasons of failure in CA Exams

In today’s world when the word “CA” comes with a person’s name it gives an impression that he or she has acquired the highest level of academic and professional competence. It leaves a lasting impression if someone says ‘’I am doing CA’’ but how many actually get to say, “I have done CA” is a big question.

It is assumed that Chartered Accountants live a life of luxury and comfort. However, students are never told how much input and hard work is required to achieve that lavish lifestyle. Also, students are not told about the late sittings, studying relentlessly and getting stipend low stipend in the beginning.  

Fetching the pass result in the first attempt is the instance of great luck and brilliance. Upon the failure, the rests have to go through the dilemma of attempting the same paper again. If more unfortunate, Again. If cursed, one more time. AGAIN.

With such competitive studies, the students also have to fulfill the ‘’CA does know everything’’ type of perception of society. Along with articleship (training), Traveling issue, Class clashes, Low stipend, and the list goes on…

Nevertheless, both individual and institutional factors affect the decision of a student, whether to stay in the field or give up the dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

The purpose of this blog post is to identify the reasons for students’ drop out during their CA journey.

As stated earlier, the challenges faced by CA students are many which can make the life hectic and burdensome. Abandoning the course is not a single event but a series of experiences that lead to taking this decision. Sometimes students feel proud of their decision and love exploring new ways of life, but other times the reason for leaving CA studies is desperation.  

Although there are many obstacles in the life of a CA student, if, somehow, the miseries of a CA student are lessened by any means then, I guess, a remarkable upward trend in CA could be observed and the instance of reunited love for CA could be seen.

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges faced by CA students which lead to the ultimate drop out.

Lack of Proper Guidance:

From childhood, children are taught to find a profitable field, and of course, it’s not bad. All the family elders along with parents keep reciting the kalma of ‘’Beta CA Karlo Ismay bara faida hai’’. ‘’Son, go for CA as it has good future prospects’’. The naive child starts to make this uncertain profession his ‘life’, the way of living where if he is sleeping he’s dreaming of playing in money even if he is awake the thought of living a comfortable life does not leave him.

However, no one really guides the student how much input is really required for the specific field. The qualities like persistence, hard work and determination are the mandatory requirements. More than failure stories students are told about success stories which do not let them see the darker side of the life.

Hence, when the day comes where the student faces the continual disappointment or failure, the course is altogether dropped with a broken heart. That being the case, the feeling of not being compatible enough, the feeling of being a failure stays with the person for the rest of the life.

I am not at all opposing this parental guidance of choosing the career but the student must consult with the professionals of the specific field before opting out for certain discipline. With proper counseling and guidance of the students keeping aside the futuristic thoughts and monetary matters, students can perform better in their field of interest. This will also reduce the risk of financial loss due to unsuccessful attempts.  

Difficulty level

Commitment to studies, Individual motivation, and academic ability are the key factors of CA studies. However, not every student can stick to these religiously which accelerates the situation towards unwelcomed results.

One of the major obstructions associated with dropping this discipline is the academic performance of the student. Students anticipate their educational achievement based on their prior progress. They assume that if they were able to clear the papers in the past perhaps these will be cleared as well. At times, they misjudge and miscalculate the performances that make them overconfident about the results.

Even after several attempts, if they fail to achieve a securing position, they abandon their dream altogether. Not only this, negative belief and de-motivation factor tend to play the role of a hindrance in their career. Studying for the exams is important but it is equally important how a particular subject is taken into consideration.

Knowing that CA is not a piece of cake is very important as well as students must possess the quality of persistence over their course period.

The Balance between Work and Studies

After the Fundamental level, students have to do three years articleship (internship). However, the problem arises when they are unable to make a balance between the work and their studies as it is utterly difficult to manage both at the same time. CA students are unfortunate in this case because they have to manage the work and studies parallel which is obviously very difficult, that’s why we see a lot of students struggling between these two different worlds.

While the student is busy in training the studies are taken for granted, but if a person focuses on the studies then the training or the work is sacrificed.  Furthermore, during the articleship period students are so immersed in their professional life that they completely forget to keep in touch with their courses. Ultimately the balance between the work and studies gets difficult to manage.

Taking early morning classes and then performing office duties during the day is the most challenging part of the life of a CA student. Commuting to their accountancy school and then to office is not only challenging in terms of time, money even hurt their efficiencies (energy).

Somehow, we have seen a new trend in many students that they are taking online courses to address the above-mentioned challenge. Online courses also benefit students to manage their studies in a “self-paced” manner. This help students to study more when they have less work in the office or vice versa. In addition,  they can also manage their studies when they are on their secondment outside their city or traveling.

Lack of standardized study materials and textbooks

CA trainees, professionals in fields like business, public sector, finance, and industry would agree with the fact that how difficult it was to find all the best available notes on the course of CA.  We are also lacking standardized study material for the specialized fields and there is dire need to make necessary arrangements and this action has to be taken by ICAP and the other related organization.

Lack of Finance

One of the common challenge faced by CA students is the lack of finance. Most of the academic life, students are dependent on their guardians’ income to pay their expenses.

Despite their tough schedule of articleship and workload, the stipend given is very low which is definitely not enough to sustain the CA studies.

Moreover, tuition fees are increasing day by day making CA student difficult to afford their studies. The students remain broke financially until they start their professional life.

This is one of the major reason for many students for discontinuing the CA in the middle. Again Online education could be a savior due to its lesser fees.

Health Concerns and Other Reasons

Working as a Trainee or Chartered Accountant put a mental strain on a person.  

It’s been observed that stressful or traumatic events also lead to the likelihood of dropping the studies altogether such as illness, loss of loved one, relationship issues or marital disruptions along with the changes in family structure.

On the other hand, students are less likely to drop out the course if they are motivated at home and have the social, emotional,  psychological and financial support of their parents as well as of their friends.

Keep yourself tightly fed and stay happy!


Being a CA student is never easy. However, dropping out from the CA field is a complex, multifaceted issue which cannot be exactly pointed out why the students left this discipline. In this blog post, we have tried to identify why students fail to successfully complete their CA.

TSB hope that this blog will help the new students who are starting their CA journey so that they can make up their minds beforehand and be ready for dramatic changes in your life. Also, be prepared for hard work and patience.

A piece of advice: No matter what happens, stay positive and do not let yourself give up on your dreams because at the end of the day it is going to be worth it. Insha Allah.

Keep the educational aspirations high! And contact us at any time of the day to get free counseling at TSB education.


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