What Leads a Person To Meet With Failures In Life After Knowing The Goals and Targets?

Feb 21, 2020 by Mohsin Raza



It is only by keeping behind the energy, talents, capacity (which could be achieved by practicing more and more if somebody lacks), and the ultimate decision (to act accordingly).


Nobody plans to get fail, but eventually he/she gets failure. Why does it happen? Is it a matter of being unlucky or a matter of being a little unfocused? Whenever people try to do something good, obviously they plan to get win whatever they’re trying for. Most of us know about the pathway as they have good pace of doing such activities and it takes little effort for them to make amazing plans to achieve their goals and targets while others take little more time to do the same activities but they also do right if they are sound mind. Once they have got a plan to achieve their goals and targets, they can make it real by doing actions according to their plans. But this is where so many people lack while they are implementing their plans.

“Desired action is the only key that unlocks doors for dreams to convert into reality.

We have more than one activity to do in our daily routine and therefore we must manage our time properly. This is a step where we get failure in prioritizing our activities. Merely, we go with our heart while prioritizing and so that we put the most important activity in the last of our priority list and thereby it left outstanding on daily basis, as a result in few days it accumulates to much pending stuff to be dealt with. Eventually, with too much pending stuff along with limited period of time leads us to fail in mind and so that it becomes our reality.

So here I would say, it is only our actions that lead us to this failure while we had that energy, talents, and capacity but not that decision to manage our time according to that super-duper plan.

“Hard times always make World-Class or the Worst One.

What would you like to be? It’s always up to you that how you would learn from the circumstances and how would you react in situations to set the best mark. Your choices will shape the ultimate results of the entire journey that you will definitely accomplish at the end in the shape of World-Class or the Worst One.”

Even if you get the best faculty in this universe or get the best material to get prepared from it along with enough time period, you cannot remove the probability of failure. It is only possible by managing various elements that you have in your life. I will try to discuss about the process which caters most of them in below discussion:

Know Your Destination:

Well, in the light of ultimate destination, in the short run, what you are required to achieve? You must have to know about it. Because “tiny steps make you a marathon runner and you have to be that one.” So, you must have to know about your short-term targets because only by achieving these short-term targets you’ll get close to your ultimate destination.

Make A Good Plan:

It is one of the most important ingredients for “your success story”. You must have a comprehensive plan and goals to get things done appropriately to reach the ultimate destination as decided earlier. A good plan will help you to go smartly, without wasting time, to achieve efficiency in your workflow and goals.

Always have an Alarming Approach:

Train your mind in such a way that it gets activated in situations where you leave the path of fulfilling your daily tasks as per the plan you have made earlier. Only the killer mindset could keep you on track. This will help you to finish your daily activities and you will be able to achieve your short-term goals as well as long-term goals. There will be no pending stuff with this alarming approach.

The Implementation:

At this step, your managing skills are going to be tested. You have to come up with few strategies to manage your different activities on a daily basis. It is an ongoing activity to manage your rest activities for a day. You need to prioritize activities based on importance in your life. You must have to put on first what is the most important activity for your lifetime achievements even if your heart is telling you to put it down somewhere. I know you also want to play or watch movies or hangout with family/friends. But if you get done with the most important activity at first, you would have the rest of the day for these activities. Think like that and do first what is important. Believe me, you will get unexpected results in coming time. “You have to bear the cost if you want to get something.”

The process mentioned above will make you an agile person, who can move quickly and easily towards his/her ultimate destination and one day he/she will reach it remarkably (mark my words). To comply with steps three and four is very critical. You have to do it properly on a daily basis. Any type of misleading will lead you to failure. Because winning takes hardship and only one mistake can be enough to get you to fail. So be smart and do well because You Are Amazing…!


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