[Webinar] Strategy, Project Appraisal, and Risk

Feb 9, 2019 by Mohsin Raza


Strategic business leadership for ACCA students

Strategic business leadership is an ACCA course that has been designed in such a way so that students can tackle the real challenges of the business world. In this course, students must accomplish multitudes of tasks that demonstrate their skills, these skills can be technical, ethical and professional. Skills that can add value to the organization they work in.

This webinar revolves around the topics of governance, risk, and strategy and also helps to mentor other leadership areas such as organizational control, innovation and change management, along with the introduction to new technologies and data analysis.


M. Ali Mooney


The main Topics are:

  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Risk
  • Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Organization control
  • Finance and innovation
  • Change Management