Pandemic, Virtual Class & Professional Growth

Jul 27, 2020 by Mohsin Raza

To ensure professional growth, you must keep stepping forward in an appropriate direction with conviction to achieve long-term goals on continuous basis. But in Pandemic situation, what should you do to keep you up on the same track as in normal situation in order to meet your commitments? As time always goes on the same pace and it is passing by each nanosecond and you lose your most precious resource over time if you don’t take the right choices on time.

          “Successful people see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than difficulty in every opportunity.”

So, in pandemic situation, doing the same things would not be easy, as you cannot physically go to do things as in normal situation. Well, you can do same things but in a different way without compromising on your previous plans.

                                    “Change is an opportunity to do something amazing as if you are agile

                                            in finding smart ways to get things done in the given situation.

Being a student of professional institutions/qualifications, we are used to reach the institutions just to take classes to get prepared for the exams. Yes, it is a traditional practice and we all have been doing this. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. The most important element for me in disadvantages is when you have to go to take lectures, they are time bounded. We must have to reach on time on regular basis which is impossible in lock-down as we faced in recent times and its one of the major disadvantages for me. If I can get best quality recorded lectures while I am sitting on my couch, in my room, at my feasible time and also in normal situation when we have corporate engagements throughout the day and sometimes for the whole week, then only time we could manage our lectures are weekends. So, with all these busy schedules, the most appropriate solution is to get online recorded lectures and only those which are best in the market.

Different ventures are putting their efforts in order to produce best quality recorded lectures and among of them, the way TSB Education has been putting ideas into reality is totally unmatched and how they are aiming things is really out of the box and must be appreciated and this is just to make education accessible and affordable for the students, to help them in an innovative way with the help of technology and to bring growth in their professional careers and sustainability for the corporate world.

“Personal Development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.”

Keep striving to become better version of yours, should be on the top of your daily priority list. This is how you can make a big, long-lasting change in your personality and this will definitely help you to be the best out of you. So, what are you waiting for?? Just Start it now.

The Best is yet to come….!

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