Online vs Classroom: Which is better for ACCA Learning?

Jan 25, 2020 by Mohsin Raza

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ACCA students are unable to decide whether online platforms are a suitable method of learning? Do they provide better resources than traditional classroom learning? Whether ACCA qualification can be completed with the help of only online lectures? Or it provides additional benefits? Answers to all these questions will be provided within the following article:

ACCA Online Learning:

Online platform provides the opportunity for distance learning that can be accessed or availed by any student from anywhere around the globe. The Pros and Cons of online learning are discussed as follows:


An online platform allows students to learn according to their comfort. They could watch lectures at their own pace and time and have the advantage to listen to it in repetition if they are unable to understand the first time. These lectures can be accessed from anywhere through smartphone devices whether are in office, out of home or even out of the country as well. Further, online platforms usually help the student remain connected to their teachers digitally during the session through WhatsApp groups and Live Q&A forums, allowing teachers to respond on the go. The platforms also provide subject course material with recorded lectures such as downloadable books, notes and past papers which can be accessed from anywhere without the need of carrying a physical burden.

Online classrooms usually charge less as they do not incur high costs of building rent, classroom equipment’s or maintenance costs. They provide access to video lectures and resources for a period that is accessible around three to six months therefore the prices are low. These costs include lectures, notes, past papers, mock exam and final revision session which are affordable for students relating to any class. The platforms are very cheap for students living in rural areas as they are not required to travel to a different city for quality education.


Focused study hours are usually a problem with ACCA students as they are either involved in social activities at their fundamental level or they are diverted to their job responsibilities at a professional level. Although online classrooms provide the flexibility desired however, this is taken for granted and video lectures are not listened as per schedule. E-learning requires more maturity and self-discipline from students than traditional classroom education therefore if students are unable to allocate time then it may result in failure in examination.

Learning from online platform isolates students from social connections as they would spend more time at home while studying. Although the online platforms allow connections with students around the world through discussion forums however these connections remain for a short period of time.

ACCA Classroom Learning:

The traditional learning methodology through classrooms in ACCA is the common mode of providing quality education. Live interaction provides many benefits which will be looked in detail as follows:


The universal classroom environment provides direct access to the teachers in class allowing you the opportunity for immediate interaction, to participate in live discussions and ability to ask questions firsthand to clarify any queries during lectures. Classrooms also allow us to build and maintain personal and professional relationships during the session which are helpful in the long-run.

Motivation towards education and maintaining self-discipline for studying for examination is encouraged by teachers throughout the course to remind students from time-to-time to revise topics on a regular basis, completing past paper questions and note down important pointers. Further, sitting in a classroom helps students to focus during lectures and helps encourage competition between fellow classmates to learn better and gain higher marks. It also helps build strong communication skills as students meet new people with different mindsets helping share and learn new techniques in order to pass an examination.


Traditional classroom requires students to physically commute long distances to attend classes on time especially working students. If they are unable to attend them, then the lectures are lost and cannot be repeated until it is revised in an extra class or final revision. Further, it makes it difficult for students to avoid clashes between classes of different subjects as many students may choose subjects from different teachers teaching in a different institute. The students are also required carrying a heavy burden of books and past papers to each class and are required to maintain registers to copy down important notes for each subject.

The classroom requires a lot of equipment to facilitate students to deliver the content such as projectors and hardcopy of notes and past papers which adds cost. The high tuition fees of each institute are quite expensive for students and it is difficult for them to bear huge costs along with the exam fee that is rising due to inflation and economic environment.


Classroom learning is essential for full-time students as the environment helps them to have focused study hours and is able to connect with other students. It also helps them to discuss issues one to one with the teachers directly and can receive valuable advice for future career opportunities.

The online learning is the best option for working students who are unable to attend classes on a regular basis due to work responsibilities. These platforms can help them prepare much better as they can access them anywhere in the office when they are free or can study easily at night after work.

Choosing the right method of learning should be based on an individual’s capability and their commitment of time and effort to achieve passing results in ACCA examination.

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