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Aug 26, 2019 by Mohsin Raza

Overcome failure


Oh my God!! ……… Why!! ……. Why Only Me!! …………. Come on Guys, failure is also a part of life. We have to accept multiple failures at different stages of our life, which makes our life to be something worth challenging else if there are no hurdles or failures in our path then the life would surely turn out to be a boring journey. Later on, at some point in time, people try to understand that it was that downfall which actually helped them to grow and provided them with a quick start to accelerate their progress. Specifically talking about career, one can define failure as somewhat an inherent feature in the life of a chartered accountant. Resultantly, students often come up with irrational thoughts such as quitting the career, changing their career goals or, in the worst scenario, even giving up on their academics entirely. Students should make individual assessments of themselves with regards to their strong and weak areas for each specific subject then plan their curriculum in a well-defined manner. Students should engage in critical thinking and analytical reasoning as to the possible reasons which led to failure as well as brainstorming over the subject matter whether the problem lies with conceptual errors or lack of sufficient practice.

How to encounter a failure:

Okay! Guys if we think of failure then listen it was only a bad day but not a bad life… Gear up yourselves for the wonderful blessings awaiting on your way. First of all, segregate your identity from failures else it might affect your self-esteem and confidence and just stop dwelling over it at once. Accept the responsibility for the failure and act accordingly to overcome the mistakes of the past. I know it is not that easy as to think over it but after all, you are riding your own horse so maintain peace and patience throughout, work hard in silence and let your upcoming success make shrilling noise. You have to believe in yourself and jump out of your comfort zone to welcome the gateway to success. Just think of your past as an opportunity to learn something new and grow even further. You have to drive your car with passion and courage and don’t belittle yourself with the rugged terrain on your way, you will be facing hurdles and obstacles but your consistency will help you go through them easily.

Dealing with academics:

It seems like you are much hydrated now with adequate motivation therefore, let’s plan something for your studies as well. This plan is determinant upon your initial assessment which would clarify your route towards success. Let’s take an example if you feel like that you have firm adaptability on all concepts and there was just alack of sufficient practice then you have to first question yourself again whether this determination is true or not. After this acknowledgment, you just have to grab up the practice kit and relevant question banks and mark your calendar to set short-term targets. The most important thing is to reward yourself with achievements on those targets and goals so that your energy level remains the same till the door of success.

On the other hand, if you realize it on a timely basis that a quick revision or maybe even an entire understanding is required then in such scenarios, a rigorous classroom environment is a necessity which can further be classified into two major options such as opting for a physical classroom or if you are concerned with saving time or opportunity costs for traveling then you may prefer learning from an online-based teaching system which is especially a growing trend nowadays for CA students as they have to manage their work-life in parallel with studies. Trust me, this routine makes their life burdensome and they end up exhausted so my dear fellows, I would be personally recommending you that go for any approved online learning management platform. It will make your life free from worries of missing classes, hassles of traveling, class clashes, traffic issues, ample time savings, and other opportunity costs associated with it. Last but not the least, your relationship management will also be improved as most students fail to balance their work-life and studies and they have to rush towards their respective classes at the cost of their business relationships.

Therefore, my dear fellows just stay calm and think proactively to achieve your desired results. Always remember its never too late to start your route to success. It is advisable for you all to stay focused and determined on the path and wait for to smell the blooming flowers, swaying the air, right on your way. So, pack up your bags, tighten your straps and run enthusiastically to reach the desired goal.

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