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CFAP 3 Mock Exams (Dec 2021)

This mock assessment paper is prepared by Muhammad Adeel the Instructor of TSB Education.

Ch. No Ch. Name Mock
2,3,4 Envirnomental analysis Mock 1
16,17 Risk Management Mock 2
18,19 Ethics Mock 3
5,6 Competitive and Growth Strategies Mock 4
8,9 Marketing and Operations Strategies Mock 5
15,20 Project Managemet & CSR Mock 6
1,7 Strategy implementation & Ch. 1 Mock 7
11,12,13 HR Management Mock 8
Half ICAP Book Mock 9
Comprehensive Mock Exam (full book) Mock 10


Muhammad Adeel

Muhammad Adeel is from Chartered Accountancy background, with professional certification in “Strategy for Competitive Advantage” from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. He has worked with Deloitte and other firms and is frequently been involved in Business Process Re-engineering assignments.

He won a Gold Medal in a presentation skills competition held by a multinational organization in Pakistan.

At TSB, he leverages his diverse expertise to teach Strategic Business Leader (SBL) of ACCA, Business Management and Strategy (CFAP-3) of ICAP and Strategic Management (SM-6) of ICMAP.