CFAP 1 – Advanced Accounting & Financial Reporting

By Hasnain R. Badami
ICAP in the past few years have moved to more of application based approach of testing at CFAP 1 level. It has not only raised the bar but have also increased the level of complexity. The course will help you map and apply IFRSs to questions, practice questions of variety of scenarios using comprehensive question bank, engaging lectures and interactive assessments.

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ICAP in the past few years have moved to more of application based approach of testing at CFAP 1 level. It has not only raised the bar of financial reporting but have also increased the level of complexity. The course will help you map and apply IFRSs to questions, practice questions of variety of scenarios using comprehensive question bank, engaging lectures and interactive assessments.

The syllabus for Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting, assumes knowledge acquired at the Intermediate and Fundamental levels including the core technical capabilities to prepare and analyse financial reports for single and combined entities. The syllabus requires students to examine corporate reporting from a number of perspectives, not only from the point of view of the preparer of corporate reports, but also from the perspective of a variety of different stakeholders such as finance providers. The syllabus further requires the assessment and evaluation of the reporting decisions made by management and their implications for a range of stakeholders and entities. It also explores the professional and ethical responsibilities of the accountant to these stakeholders.

The subject matter of the syllabus requires students to have a cohesive understanding of the IASB’s Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting and to use the Framework as a basis for judgement in applying International Financial Reporting Standards in corporate reports. The syllabus considers both the principles and practices of IFRS and uses these principles as a basis for the preparation of the financial statements of single entities and groups.


  • COMPLETE & Comprehensive Course Coverage (as suggested in ICAP Syllabus)
  • NEW ICAP Questions ADDED incl. Questions from last attempt
  • Detailed week wise study plans along with clear Study Roadmap.
  • Well-researched & beautiful set of 5 books/ study material (delivered at your doorstep!)
  • Engaging lectures recorded and updated on Learning Glass technology
  • Exam focused & Extensive Practice of Past Papers
  • 6 Mock Exams (1 Final, 1 Mid, 4 Fortnightly) are conducted and assessed.
  • Active WhatsApp Groups for queries/ support. Committed cohort of learners
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime with best preparation strategy, content & support!


  • 100 Hours


Hasnain Badami - TSB Education

Hasnain R. Badami

Hasnain Raza Badami is a qualified Chartered Accountant with cumulative experience of 11+ years in the profession. He also holds a master’s degree in Philosophy – with critical thinking as his area of research interest. His particularly versatile academic background from humanities and business is what makes his classrooms a thoroughly intriguing experience.

Hasnain believes in learning through experience and stories. His real life stories come from his equally diverse experience working in large local and multinational organisations, as well as from training professionals, teachers, and students. More specifically, he has worked with Ernst & Young (Karachi, Dubai and Jeddah offices) and also with Internal Audit function at Engro Polymer before he finally quit Engro to pursue his passion for learning and development work. Presently, he is the co-founder and Director of Ingenium Business solutions that is working in leadership, finance, and digital learning space.


IAS 16 : Property, Plant & Equipment

IAS 38 : Intangibles

IAS 40 : Investment property

IAS 41 : Agriculture

IAS 36 : Impairment of Assets

IFRS 13 : Fair Value

IAS 10 and 37: Contingencies & Commitments

IFRIC 01: Decommissioning, Restoration & Similar Liabilities

IFRS 5: Non-Current Assets for Sale & Discounted Operations

IFRS 08: Operting Segments

IAS 21: The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

IAS 19: Employee Benefits

Consolidation Basics

IAS 24: Related Party Disclosures

IAS 33: Earnings Per Share

Consolidation Acquisition / Disposal

IFRS 02: Share Based Payments

Consolidation Complex

IFRS 16: Leases

Consolidation Foreign Subsidiary

Small & Medium Enterprises (Specialized Financial Statements)

Banks (Specialized Financial Statements)

Mutual Funds (Specialized Financial Statements)

Insurance (Specialized Financial Statements)

IAS 26: Accounting & Reporting by Retirement Benefit Plans

Consolidation Cashflows

IFRS 15: Revenue from Contracts with Customers

Consol JV / JO

IFRS 09, IFRS 07, IAS 32 : Financial Instruments

IAS 34: Interim Financial Reporting

IAS 12: Income Taxes

Islamic Standards

International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

Specialized area of IFRS

Complete Consolidation, IAS 21, IAS 7 & IFRS 5 (25-30 Hours) Rs. 4500
Consolidation: Basic Consolidation Techniques & Changes in group structure
IFRS 5: Non-current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations
IFRS 5 and Consolidation Changes in Group Structure
Consolidation Complex Group Structures
IAS 21 : The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
IAS 07: Cash Flow Statement

Revenue, Leases and Share based payments (30-35 Hours) Rs.5000
IFRS 15 : Revenue from Contracts with Customers
IFRS 16 : Leases
IFRS 02 : Share-based Payment

Financial Instruments (20-25 Hours) Rs. 4000
IFRS 09, IFRS 07, IAS 32 : Financial Instruments
IFRS 13 : Fair Value Measurement

Assets and other standards (30-35 Hours) Rs. 5000
IAS 16 : Property, Plant and Equipment
IAS 38 : Intangible Assets
IAS 40 : Investment property
IAS 36 : Impairment of Assets
IFRIC 01 : Changes in Existing Decommissioning, Restoration and Similar Liabilities
IFRS 08 : Operating Segments
IAS 41 : Agriculture
IAS 10 and 37 : Contingencies and Commitments with Events after reporting period
SIC 32 – Intangible Assets – Web Site Costs
IAS 33 : Earnings Per Share
IAS 12 : Income Taxes
IAS 34 : Interim Financial Reporting
IAS 24 : Related Party Disclosures
IAS 19 : Employee Benefits
Specialised FS


Q1. What is the duration of course?

A. We offer two batches for every attempt. Batch 1 is a six-months course which begins 9 months before exams and is completed at least 2 months before exams to give ample time to students for self-study. Batch 2 is a four-months course which begins 6 months before exams and is completed at least 30 days before exams.

Q2. Which batch is better for me?

A. Batch 1 is recommened as it gives you more time to study and spaces out the content. Study plans are divided in 6 months so its always better. However, for students who plan to begin 6 months before their planned attempt/ exam Batch 2 is very valuable too as its very manageable. You can make your choice based on your circumstances.

Q3. Do you also offer a crash course?

A. Yes we do. We offer a 2 months crash course which starts exactly 3 months before exams. Crash course covers 60 – 70% of syllabus and only major / important topics.

Q4. Which standards are applicable in exams?

A. 2018 Standards

Q5. Do we have live sessions?

A. Our course is very effective. It covers standards, past papers, with strong conceptual understanding. Lectures are updated in every attempt. Queries are resolved via WhatsApp group and live sessions happen only if and when requested by you.

Q6. Till what date do I get access to the course when I subscribe?

A. You can access the course till your exam date, which means that access will expire on the date of your exam.

Q7. Number of hours of course?

A. 85- 100 hours.

Q.8 Are these downloadable lectures? Do we need internet connection?

A. Video lectures cannot be downloaded, infact it is strictly prohibited to download them. You can access video lectures online anywhere, anytime from our Learning Management System (LMS). Internet connection is also required to access the course.

Q.9 Is it uploaded on a weekly basis or we have full course available to us when we subscribe?

A. The course is a fully guided one. Video lectures are uploaded on monthly basis with precise Weekly Study Plans. e.g. at the start of every month, you get 4 weeks of lectures.

Q10. I want to take the course now but I will attempt in the attempt next to my batch I enrolled in. For example, I have subscribed to June 202X batch but I would attempt in Dec 202X. Can I get an access till the date of my exam in Dec 202X?

A. Using your example, the course will expire on June 202X. However, if you want an extended access, you can pay additional 50% of course fee and take further six months access.

Q11. Which books are best suited for practice along with this course?

A. The course pack includes a comprehensive set of notes/ study manual and question bank for practice. Question bank is prepared by TSB team under faculty’s supervision using wide variety of resources from ACCA, ICAEW, ICMA, ICAP, Other Professional Resources, etc.

Q12. Would I receive books along with this course?

A. Your course fee includes hard copy companion books that will be delivered to your address provided without any hassle. All e-books will also be available with your course and you can download/ use them with these lectures.

Q13. Can I order only books without subscription to the course?

A. Yes, of course you can. Our books are popular among students all over Pakistan. However, please note that these books primarily serve as companion material to the course and they are at best effective with the lectures and faculty guidance.

Q14. How and when would I receive these books in hard copy?

A. Since, we make updates to our material in every attempt, our books are currently undergoing updations, therefore hard copy set will be dispatched on 31st May 2020 and onwards. Therefore, after 31st May 2020, all course material will be delivered to you within 4 days max. once you’ve enrolled to the course.

Q15. How would I be able to connect with the faculty till our exams?

A. You always stay connected with us via a very effective WhatsApp group and live webinars. You will also be able to benefit from Faculty Support Specialist.

Q16. Can we share our user ID and password to our friends or if I download content for later reference or sharing to my friends? Is that allowed?

A. Very good and important question. Sharing of User ID, Passwords, downloading of lectures, screenrecording is very strictly prohibited. All our courses are copyrighted protected under Copyrights Laws and sharing / downloading of content could result in legal repurcussions. See our privacy policy.

Q17. I am financially constraint and need some financial assistance from TSB Education, how can I be facilitated?

A. TSB Education is known to stand by its students and facilitate them in whatever way it can. We are a principled organisation committed to the cause of education. If you need our support, please fill out this simple Financial Assistance form and our representative will reach out to you to take the process forward.

Q18. Why TSB Education is offering courses in USD to students who are located out side Pakistan/abroad?

A. Our courses of ACCA and CA are taken by students all over the world i.e. more than 25 countries and 40 cities. Our prices are set keeping in view international prices. However, you’ll find them below our accounting international competitors but as we are a Pakistani organization, so for students residing in Pakistan our prices are at specially reduced rates. You may notice that our prices are not reduced for India and Bangladesh or any other comparable country but only for students residing in Pakistan as we understand paying in US Dollars is expensive for them. Moreover, it is much less than the classroom cost and they save logistics cost too. As for local price comparison, it is suggested to compare our prices with the value you receive. Our courses are of premium quality (you may visit our fb page, YouTube channel, take trial to experience our platform or better ask your friends) and maintaining it to international professional standards take heavy costs at our end.

18 reviews for CFAP 1 – Advanced Accounting & Financial Reporting

  1. Syeda Nayab

    I can tell you that its been quite sometime that I am reading and practicing accounting standards, like more than 6 years and the level of confidence that I have now after getting lectures from you is unmatched. I am hopeful to get through this time inshaAllah (June 2020)

  2. Talha

    Best experience I ever had in CA studies; Like I was in strong favour for taking Physical classes but once I start taking online classes from TSB Education now I prefer to all CA students to take classes online from TSB you will not feel like you waste time and money. It’s worth it you can save travelling time as well as tiredness after taking the physical classes moreover you will utilized that travelling time in self-studies or any other Co-curricular Activities. (June 2020)

  3. M. Hamza

    Lectures are recorded in such an effective way. Recordings being made in small parts so student can absorb the concept without being distracted. Moreover way teacher delivers the lecture it captures your attention and create your interest in the subject. I would definitely recommend TSB to CA Finailist specifically for AARS and AAFR (June 2020)

  4. Nabeel

    Coverage of CAF level standards and knowledge checks after each topic. (June 2020)

  5. Hamza

    Sir I only have 3 words: Maza aa gya. And I think i’ve never said this about any course ever. I had a strange mental block with Reporting and I kind of felt like maybe yeh meray bas ki baat hi nahin shayd but after studying your course and through these videos I have to say i feel infinitely better about my position and woh alag baat hai exams huay hi nahin but I do think I would’ve fared well in the exams and it would’ve been because of you. I have to say, your enthusiasm is infectious and it made me feel excited and want to learn as well. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put in and obviously your team and the way everyone is ready to help out with any and all sorts of issues. I hope everyone comes to know of this institute and all of you get the recognition and praise that you deserve. (June 2020)

  6. Nayab

    Detailed understanding of critical concepts. (June 2020)

  7. Muhammad Zohair Tahir

    The use of Standards while addressing concepts. Love the examples Mr. Badami uses, especially the humor he adds up.

  8. Nabeel

    Coverage of CAF level standards and knowledge checks after each topic.

  9. Omer Ali Syed

    The convenience of access to the course is most useful further the content is by far the most authentic one can find in an online class.

  10. Kashif

    IFRS Coverage! Concept Building! Guidance.

  11. Kinza

    I had a wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable about the subject very helpful and encouraging.

  12. Bilal Ahmed

    I have visited different platforms of online teaching but TSB’s online platform is truly amazing… I have really impressed by the layout of it’s website. Sir Badami is without doubt one of the best teacher that I have seen in CA uptill now, he makes every topic seems so easy, understandable and interesting that even a lazy student like me developed interest n start taking the lectures on regular basis… Hats off to you Sir 👌👌👍

  13. Syed Mudassir

    Referencing to standards was most useful.

  14. Danish Aslam

    By far the best teacher I have seen uptil now from basic to master. Thumps up 👍

  15. Amna

    Sir Hasnain Badami truly justifies the profession, the short length lectures help in keeping ones attention instead of trailing off in boredom.

  16. Bilal

    Best decision to take class from TSB, lectures are like water flowing, for the first time, my concept are very clear, actually, development methodology of lectures are so amazing, Allah bless you Sir. 10/10

  17. Beenish

    Highly Recommended. one of the best platform for online classes…yet synchronous learning

  18. Zohair

    Truly one of the best experiences I have ever had. Excellent delivery of concepts, the way you captivate attention is just remarkable. Love the way you add humor it keeps the brain alive.

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