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AFC 1 – Functional English (Fast Track/Dec 2021)

By Naila Imran Sidat
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This course covers topics related to basic functional English language proficiency. Topics include grammar rules, verb, noun, parts of speech, vocab, etc. The course is examined on a quarterly basis by ICAP and it takes 3-4 months to complete course preparation.


  • Comprehensive Course Coverage
  • Lecture explanation through animations
  • Detailed week-wise study plans
  • All-inclusive detailed study material
  • Engaging lectures recorded and updated on Learning Glass Board
  • Sufficient practice of MCQs & MTQs
  • 3 Mock tests.


Naila Imran Sidat

Naila Imran Sidat is the Co-founder of I Crust, a training and mentoring firm. She is an MBA from IBA and is currently a visiting faculty at leading management sciences universities of Pakistan including IBA, SZABIST, PAF-KIET, Lecole and Karachi American College. With a 19-year experience in handling people- both individually and group situations, she brings to the table a varied exposure from Marketing, Training, HR and Assessment. She is a Corporate Trainer and has trained various employees in Communication Skills, Creative writing skills, Interview and Presentation skills, Trainer the Trainer, Team leadership to name a few. She is currently pursuing her PhD in HRM from Szabist- Karachi. At TSB, Naila brings her diverse experience to teach Functional English.


  1. Introduction to English
  2. The verb phrase
  3. The noun phrase
  4. Other parts of speech
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Phrases and idioms
  7. Sentences
  8. Comprehension and speed reading