2019 March

Reasons of failure in CA Exams

Why CA students are failed to successfully complete their CA?

Mar 11, 2019 / by Mohsin Raza /

In today’s world when the word “CA” comes with a person’s name it gives an impression that he or she has acquired the highest level of academic and professional competence. It leaves a lasting impression if someone says ‘’I am doing CA’’ but how many actually get to say, “I have done CA” is a... View Article

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Khalil Ullah

The Talk: Khalil Ullah Sheikh’s Secrets of Success with Hasnain Badami

Mar 4, 2019 / by Mohsin Raza /

This interview was originally published on TSB education page- 2018 Here’s the full transcript of the interview. Hello and Welcome. My name is Hasnain Badami and You are watching success stories with Hasnain Badami. With me is the person for whom I have an enormous amount of respect. Let’s welcome Sir Khaleel Ullah Sheikh He... View Article

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